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What date is Easter this year?

I'm sure you've wondered why the date of Easter changes every year; Easter Sunday can fall on any date between 22nd March and 25th April.  The simple explanation is that it's all to do with Easter being based on the lunar calendar rather than the solar calendar.  Easter always falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the 21st March. 


However when I said 'the simple explanation', it's not that simple ......... the full moon mentioned above is actually the Paschal Full Moon, not the Astronomical Full Moon; the Paschal Full Moon can vary as much as two days from the date of the actual full moon, with dates ranging from March 21 to April 18.  As a result, Easter dates can range from March 22 through April 25 in Western Christianity.


OK, so it's complicated, but there are many more detailed explanations on Google.  If you want to know just how complicated it can get, just type in 'why does the date of easter change every year' or click here and select the explanation that makes the most sense to you.

Now you know why, perhaps you'd like to know when?    The table below lists the dates for Easter and some other changeable dates up to 2030 .................









(Whit Sunday)

First Sunday

of Advent



 2022  2nd Mar 17th Apr  26th May  5th Jun  27th Nov 
 2023  22nd Feb 9th Apr 18th May  28th May  3rd Dec 
 2024  14th Feb 31st Mar  9th May  19th May  1st Dec 
 2025  5th Mar 20th Apr 29th May  8th Jun 30th Nov 
 2026  18th Feb 5th Apr 14th May  24th May  29th Nov 
 2027  10th Feb 28th Mar  6th May  16th May  28th Nov 
 2028  1st Mar 16th Apr  25th May  4th Jun 3rd Dec 
 2029  14th Feb 1st Apr 10th May  20th May  2nd Dec 
 2030  6th Mar 21st Apr 30th May  9th Jun  1st Dec 

Where to find us

Google says we're right here!

We are located in the middle of Thorpe Bay, about two miles east of Southend on Sea and just a short walk from the sea front.  We are easily accessible by train (Thorpe Bay station is on the main line from London Fenchurch Street) and bus (Nos 1, 7 and 9), and there is ample on-street parking around the church. The church itself is on an island site at the junction of Johnstone Road and St Augustine’s Avenue.


Our address is:


St Augustine’s Church,

St Augustine’s Avenue,

Thorpe Bay, Essex.

SS1 3JH.

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