St Augustine's Church Thorpe Bay
St Augustine's ChurchThorpe Bay

Did you Know ? .................

That there are 19 specific days each year on which the Union Flag should be flown on command of Her Majesty on Government buildings (generally accepted to mean buildings owned or used by the crown and predominately occupied by Civil Servants or Her Majesty's Armed forces).  When flown, the Union Flag should be raised at

8 am and lowered at sunset.


Individuals, local authorities and other organisations (that's us!) may fly the Union Flag whenever they wish, subject to compliance with any local planning requirements.


Here at St Augustine's we will fly Flag's on the following days in 2017:


Date                  Occasion Flag            
January 6th Epiphany Diocesan Flag
April 16th Easter Day Diocesan Flag
April 21st Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen        Union Flag
April 23rd St Georges Day Flag of St George
May 25th Ascension Day Diocesan Flag
May 26th St Augustine's Day Diocesan Flag
June 2nd Coronation Day Union Flag
June 4th Whitsunday Diocesan Flag
June 11th Trinity Sunday Diocesan Flag
June 13th Sovereigns Official Birthday Union Flag
June 21st Birthday of Prince William Union Flag
July 22nd Birthday of Prince George Union Flag
November 11th Remembrance Day Union Flag
November 12th Remembrance Sunday Union Flag
November 14th Birthday of the Prince of Wales Union Flag

Flying Flags at Half Mast

Half mast doesn't actually mean that flags are flown half way up the flagstaff; flags are actually flown two-thirds up.  When raising the flag it should always be hoisted to the top of the flagpole and then lowered back down to the half mast position.  Likewise before it is lowered at sunset, it should first be hoisted to the top before lowering completely.

Which way is up ?

The Broader diagonal white stripe must be at the top of the flag on the side nearest the flagpole.





So this is correct ...................................




And this is upside down! ................

And ........... Our Vimpel is now flying!!!   Usually seen more frequently in Scandanavian countries, a Vimpel is a long triangular banner that is flown every day of the year whenever a normal flag isn't being flown.  Our Vimpel, with the cross of St George, is fluttering in the breeze as we speak. 


Note:  Well actually Storm Doris decided that our Vimpel was pushing it's luck and blew the vimpel, the mast cap, and the lanyard off the flagpole.  We've recovered all three and over the next week or so we'll lower the flag pole and repair/replace as necessary.  Watch that space!

Where to find us

Google says we're right here!

We are located in the middle of Thorpe Bay, about two miles east of Southend on Sea and just a short walk from the sea front.  We are easily accessible by train (Thorpe Bay station is on the main line from London Fenchurch Street) and bus (Nos 1, 7 and 9), and there is ample on-street parking around the church. The church itself is on an island site at the junction of Johnstone Road and St Augustine’s Avenue.


Our address is:


St Augustine’s Church,

St Augustine’s Avenue,

Thorpe Bay, Essex.

SS1 3JH.

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